Pastor ColeDryden Baptist Church began as a mission work of Tabernacle Baptist Church of Ithaca. February of 1956 marked the first Bible study at Mr. and Mrs. Alton Glazier’s home with eight others. Sunday School and Morning Worship were first held on August 19,1956 with 14 present. A Constitution and Articles of Faith were drawn up and the church was incorporated as “Dryden Baptist Chapel” with Alton Glazier as pastor on May 31, 1959. The name was officially changed to Dryden Baptist Church in 1991. Succeeding pastors have included George Blood, Douglas Boyce, Robert Quick, Harold Comings, Frank Bunyan, Larry Walter, Brian Humphries, and Ronald Miller.

Pastor GlazierIn 1962, the Church purchased and remodeled the GFL property (currently Sturgess Electronics) as their first building. Under Pastor Comings’ leadership, the Church built a parsonage at 18 Library Street. While Pastor Bunyon served, the Church began a building fund with a goal of raising $50,000 in eighteen months. The goal was met in 1983, and following a gift of 6 acres from Mr. and Mrs. Perry Mudge, the present building was completed in 1985.

Dryden Baptist continues to stand focused on God’s Word in its weekly worship and Sunday School services and through its support of world missions. We also reach out to our community through Awana, VBS, Youth Ministries, Dairy Days, and Community Events.