Sunday School

Come and grow in your understanding of God’s Word! Our Sunday School includes a nursery for babies and toddlers and classes for everyone¬†starting at¬†age 2.

Children’s Elementary Classes

The goal is to lay a foundation of Biblical Truth for Faith. Over a four year cycle the truth of Creation, Biblical Events, Salvation, and God’s Loving Care are taught.

  • Pre-Primary: ages 2 – 3
  • Pre-Primary: Pre-K – Kindergarten

The goal is to teach children to obey Biblical Truth, to Love our Savior, and to Follow His lead. We use a through the Bible approach to give children a picture of the whole Word of God using this to challenge them in their Christian life.

  • Primary: Grades 1 – 3
  • Junior: Grades 4 – 6

Junior and Senior High Classes

The goal here is to encourage children to apply their faith to their life. A progressive review of Biblical characters and topics is used to teach them God’s truth in relation to our world.

  • Junior High: Grades 7 – 9

Here the goal is to cap our program by encouraging the maturing young people to develop a long term Christ-honoring lifestyle. Bible book, character, and topical studies are used along with teaching the basic techniques of Bible study and devotions with an emphasis on prayer.

  • Senior High: Grades 10 – 12